The Wheel of the Year collection: Ostara Spring Equinox


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    Goddess of the Dawn.
    Here we are at Spring Equinox.
    We have made it through the dark half of the year and now day and night are in balance.
    This unique hand blended with love and intention Essence is a mix of my colour and Flower Elixir’s.
    A high vibrational medicine which works with your solar plexus to raise self esteem, personal power, confidence and positivity and restore balance.
    🐣As we emerge with the lengthening days, it’s time to raise our vibrations and keep our sunny side up.
    Daffodil:  Is believed to bring hope and help us to push on through for that little bit longer.
    Honeysuckle : Brings a sense of joy and fun.
    Daisy: Is believed to brighten our spirits.

    Please choose from the options whether you would like 10ml (£15) or 30ml (£30)

    Also you medium either Alcohol, Glycerine or Apple Cider Vinegar.

    Take 3-4 drops under the tongue or in water. 3-4 times a day or when needed.

    These essences can also be used in Ritual and Dieta. Or used as Spirit offerings or Blessing and adding more magic to your Sacred tools.

    Each essence comes in a Muslin or Organza bag with complete instructions for use.

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    Alcohol Solution

    Alcohol Solution

    Glycerine Solution

    Glycerine Solution