Fern, Community, Ancestral wisdom, releasing trauma.




    Fern was my first essence in this range. Although I have been working with her as a close Ally for many years.

    She is my main go-to guide and essence when I am feeling lonely and disconnected from myself and others.

    It is believed Fern can help access ancient ancestral wisdom and help us clear Trauma and trust in our inner knowing.

    May help with feelings of loneliness, even when we are amongst others.

    Ferns are one of the oldest plant species here on Earth and can teach us many things.

    Please choose from the options whether you would like 10ml (£15) or 30ml (£30)

    Also your medium either Alcoholglycerin, n or Apple Cidevinegarar.
    Take 3-4 drops under the tongue or in water. 3-4 times a day or when needed.
    Each essence comes in a Muslin or Organza bag with complete instructions for use.

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    Alcohol Solution

    Alcohol Solution

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    Glycerine Solution