The Fir ‘he the tree’ stands tall and his roots are buried very deep under my Therapy room.

    I watch him sway in the wind shedding his cones to the floor and occasionally on the roof!
    He provides a safe and sheltered haven for many of the birds that visit my garden.
    It is believed he helps us to hold on, but not too tightly that we can’t let go as this is one of his many medicines. Helping us let go.
    To show us the way to move forward, and readjust our beliefs, he teaches adaptability and how to weather the storm.

    Moving forward, readjusting our beliefs, adaptability and weathering the storm.


    Please choose from the options whether you would like 10ml (£15) or 30ml (£30)

    Also you medium either Alcohol, Glycerin or Apple Cider Vinegar.

    Take 3-4 drops under the tongue or in water. 3-4 times a day or when needed.

    Each essence comes in a Muslin or Organza bag wit complete instructions for use.

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    Alcohol Solution

    Alcohol Solution

    Glycerine Solution

    Glycerine Solution