The wheel of the year collection. Autumn Equinox Alban Elfid.



    Autumn Equinox, for me, is a time to reflect upon my many blessings and harvests for the year.

    My “Gratitude Attitude” is in full swing, and my heart feels full and open.

    Just for a moment, day and night is in balance.

    As the wheel turns to darker nights and we also turn inwards.

    My thoughts turn to magic as I embrace my inner Druwitch.

    This unique essence has been blended to help you find and maintain balance in your inner world.
    Balance your divine masculine and feminine energy.
    Bring harmony to your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual bodies.

    Thus allowing you to go about your daily routine in an effective and productive way.

    You will also receive a link to a free download meditation to help you connect with your essence.

    All Essences have been made from organic, wildflowers and trees.

    £15 10ml Combined post and packaging for 2 or more Essences.

    Each blend comes with instructions for use in a Muslin bag.