The Triple Goddess Collection : Crone




    A unique blend from Magical Muse that is believed to support us as we turn inwards into the darkness of winter and ourselves.

    Ancient Yew: Assists us in our journey, helps to remove blockages and attain our true purpose.
    Inner wisdom.

    Ivy: Ivy can survive the coldest of winters, she offers strength, and grounded-ness and brings freshness to our lives.

    Blackthorn: A most magical Tree that helps us to see the light in the darkest of days.

    Mugwort: The dream Ally, helps us dive deeper and call on our Ancestoral wisdom.

    Please choose from the options whether you would like 10ml (£15) or 30ml (£30)
    Also you medium either Alcohol, Glycerin or Apple Cider Vinegar.
    Take 3-4 drops, 3-4 times a day or when needed.
    Each essence comes in a muslin or Organza bag with complete instructions for use.