Usui Holy Fire ®️ 111 level 2 Practitioner Training Dates for 2024 up soon.




Perquisite Usui Reiki level one. With at least 6 month practice on self friends and family.

Are you ready to take your Reiki Practice to the next level?

Would you like to work professionally with others?

This a full 2 days course.

10am- 5pm on line.

You will be expected to do a number of case studies and follow-ups before practising on paying clients.

In this second-degree certified Usui Holy Fire ®️111 Reiki training, you will receive three ancient healing symbols that are highly effective in all areas of life:

The Power Symbol

The Mental/Emotional symbol

The Distant/Absent healing symbol.

Many individuals choose to take Reiki 2 specifically for the Absent/Distant symbol. This symbol empowers sending healing to your family and friends for those times when you are unable to be with them in person.

You will learn the meanings and uses of the symbols, practice using them during treatments, receive treatments, and learn Japanese Reiki Techniques.

A review of Reiki 1 topics will be covered as well.

Your Reiki channelling will be strengthened by this Holy Fire second-degree placement.

The placement is received during meditation experiences. The benefit of this direct experience is that the facilitator’s energy remains separate from your experience.

Your healing abilities will be enhanced, and your intuitive awareness may be heightened as well.

All the benefits of Reiki become more pronounced.

Your relationship with Reiki will deepen as it becomes a spiritual path.

If you wish to practice Reiki on a professional level.

You will need insurance, and I am happy to help and support you wherever I can.

You will also be asked to do 3 case studies.

You will receive your Reiki Practitioner Level Certificate when we have visited your case studies.

I have been practising and teaching Reiki for 25+ years and have many pearls of wisdom to share.

The information above will be covered and more.