Cacao Ceremonies

Please check what’s on for upcoming dates.

Cacao has been used in Ceremony for thousands of years in the Mayan Culture.

She is known as a Plant Spirit Medicine and can be drunk as part of a Shamanic healing circle.

I offer these Circles on zoom and in person here in idyllic scenery of The Peak District.  Where we gather around a fire next to the River Derwent.

Over lockdown I realized the true potential of holding Ceremonial Space distantly. 

 I was astounded by the feedback received.

You will be held gently in a safe sacred space.

Where you will experience a Shamanic Journey by following my voice and drum to meet the magical, heart opening medicine of Cacao and connect with your own true Essence.

Here you may gain wisdom and insight for your personal Healing journey. 

You are welcome to bring any hot chocolate drink or Tea if you would still like to join.

Cacao Boxes available for UK on booking.

 PLEASE NOTE; I am currently unable to send Cacao to US or Canada.

A beautiful plant medicine that has been used for thousands of years in Sacred Ceremony.
What to expect. during one of my Shamanic Cacao Ceremonies
⭐Receive guidance and unconditional love.
⭐ A safe sacred space to dream.
⭐ Connect with your inner spark of inspiration.
⭐ A heart opening and warming experience.
⭐ A group Oracle card
⭐ Journal prompts to help inspire you to look deeper into your inner self.

Everyone loves Chocolate, well imagine 100% Raw Organic Ceremonial Cacao in a drink that warms you heart, mind, body and soul.

The benefits of Cacao

Raw Cacao has many benefits it is high in anti-oxidants, contains essential minerals and vitamins, enhances mood and is full of healthy fats.

When used in ceremony with intention and the correct dose Cacao can be a gentle loving way to help you to travel deep within yourself. It helps ground you deep into Mother Earth’s loving embrace and opens the heart to love. Allowing deeper connection with yourself and others

Online has exceeded my expectations and works equally as well as in person.

I like to keep my Ceremonies small so we all get to share our Journeys and support each other afterwards.

About Cacao


Gentle but powerful

Helps you understand and love yourself

Can aid clearing emotional blocks (releasing with tears, laughter and movement)

Enables the letting go of past hurts and echo’s

Helps connects you to Awen and your creativity

Lifts your mood.

Enhances focus and mental agility

Cacao can be enjoyed as an alternative to coffee or tea

Helps to open the Heart Chakra.

When used daily as a replacement for Tea or Coffee

cacao is believed to

Lower bad cholesterol and raises good cholesterol.

Help to moisturise the skin. Keep nails and hair healthy.

Reduce inflammation in the body and help with arthritis.

Stimulate the nervous system and relaxes tense muscles.

Reduce PMS and menopausal symptoms.

Regulate blood sugar levels.

Increase energy levels.


Clean the digestive system.

Lower risk of cardiovascular disease, heart attack and stroke.

The phytochemical analysis of raw cacao beans reveals it is the most chemically complex in the world.

Nutritional benefits

40 X the antioxidants of Blueberries.

Highest source of iron from a plant.

More calcium per milligram than cow’s milk.

High in Magnesium, flavonoids and amino acids.

Contains, copper, zinc, potassium and sulphur

Essential fatty acids, omega 6 Oleic acid.



Psycho stimulants

Theobromine -diuretic, vasodilator and muscle relaxant.

Caffeine Provides alertness. Mental acuity and motivation.

N-acylethanolamines (structurally similar to anandamine, which is similar to the cannabinoid responsible for the euphoria in Cannabis.

Phenylethylamine (Pharmacological properties similar to amphetamine) this stimulates endorphin release in the brain. These are the feel good hormones. Also known as the Love or Bliss molecule. Cacao Contraindications


Please note high doses of ceremonial cacao have contra-indications. Please study the information below, in most cases people will still be able to drink but at half an average normal dose. 20g They will still feel the beneficial effects on a lower dose. For anybody who cannot drink the ceremonial cacao you could also offer a much lighter organic delicious “hot chocolate” cacao drink. Remember the spirit of cacao (the Cacao Deva) is just as important to work with as the ingestion of the medicine itself so everyone can benefit from joining in the ceremony.

It is essential you are contacted beforehand if any of these contraindications reflect their circumstances and they would like to take part in the ceremony.

Pregnant or breastfeeding.

Taking MAOI anti-depressants, anti-depressants.

Taking SSRI’s, anti-psychotics.

Serious heart conditions.

Issues with blood pressure.

Taking morphine.


Highly sensitive to caffeine.

Allergic to any food stuffs – if you are planning to add any other ingredients they must let you know if they have any allergies.

I do not share ceremonial cacao to pregnant women or people on morphine.

Side effects

Most people have a wonderful experience with cacao. There can be side effects such as nausea if you drink too much. The tyramine in cacao can also induce a headache if the person is on MAOI’s.

Cacao can also have laxative effects in high doses after drinking.

Advice for – Before and after a cacao ceremony – avoid a heavy meal, this will make it take longer to assimilate the cacao and might contribute to nausea.

The best results will come from fasting at least 3 hours before the start of a ceremony. Bring some fruit or a protein snack bar to eat afterwards to ground yourself.

Do not eat huge amounts of food 2 hours before drinking ceremonial cacao.

Avoid caffeinated drinks such as coffee  and also alcohol on the day of the ceremony.

Cacao contains caffeine and if you have too much you may not sleep well.

Drink plenty of water after ceremony.