Poached Egg plant Comparing ourselves to others. celebrate our uniqueness.




    Poached egg plant
    Another little flower that grows in a shaded area of my garden.

    Yet she pushes on through with her
    face to the sun to remind me I am beautiful.
    She is helpful when I find myself comparing myself to others.

    She helps me to see myself as unique and whole.

    She asks us to celebrate who we are and our unique talents.

    Flower essences offer a beautiful way to grow and heal because they act as catalysts for change at a deep emotional level.

    Please choose from the options whether you would like 10ml (£15) or 30ml (£30)
    Also you medium either Alcohol,glycerine, or Apple Cider vinegar.

    Take 3-4 drops under the tongue or in water. 3-4 times a day or when needed.

    These essences can also be used in Ritual and Dieta. Or used as Spirit offerings.
    Each essence comes in a Muslin or Organza bag with complete instructions for use.

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    Alcohol Solution

    Alcohol Solution

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    Glycerine Solution