Magical Simmer pot herbs.




    Simmer pot spells
    Bring a little magic into your home with one of my hand blended to ordersimmer pot spells.

    Each packet will be blended, especially for you in sacred space with love and intention and infused and blessed with Holy Fire reiki. energy.
    Most botanicals have been grown, gathered by me with love, permission, and respect.

    If there is a magical intention you have in mind, please email me with your request.
    I am more than happy to make a unique blend for you.

    Place a small amount of the botanicals into an oil burner with a splash of water or in a saucepan (kept for this purpose)
    The simmer pot spells work with the elements and the magical vibration of each plant.
    Earth :- The botanicals mostly gathered from my garden or close by in the Peak district.

    Fire :- The lit candle under your simmer pot .

    Air:- The simmer pots steam that permeates your home.

    Water:- Added to the simmer pot.

    Spirit:- The action and intention of you placing the botanicals in your burner.

    Always keep an eye on your simmer pot, and please DO NOT INGEST.

    Please choose which one you would like from the drop-down box at checkout

    Healing: A mix of rose, chamomile, lavender, Yarrow, and Calendula.

    Yule: Orange, cinnamon, bay, star anise, pine, cloves.

    Cleanse and protect: Sage, Rosemary, Flat Cedar, Angelica.

    Clairvoyance, and Intuition: Mugwort, Rosemary, Hibiscus, Eyebright.

    Aphrodisia : Hibiscus flowers, Blue Lotus, Rose, Mullein.

    Ancestral connection : Rosemary, Mugwort, Apple, Ginger, Elderberry.

    Crone: Yarrow, Mugwort, Dandelion, Rose, Sage.

    Samhain/Halloween/Calan Gaef : Apple, Hawthorn, Rowan. Mugwort. Rosemary. Cinnamon.

    I am a qualified Master Herbalist and plant spirit essence practitioner.

    Please let me know if you are pregnant or have any allergies. So I can adjust your simmer pot blend. thank you