Spider plant Ally essence (Chlorophytum comosum)



    New for winter 2023/2024

    Spider plant as Ally, will assist you to shed some old skin, to bring a sense of freshness, assisting you to reach new reach new levels of possibilities. She helps us find more freedom in how we express ourselves. Set realistic goals and encourage us to keep growing.

    Are you ready to freshen up your life?

    • Do you feel like a new cycle is needed for a new you.

    • Are you stuck in a rhythm of doing things the same way and not getting results?

    • Feeling fed up of the same old scene?

    • Are you looking for inspiration to do things in new ways

    • Maybe you have a sense that bigger things are happening around you. But you can’t quite grasp what it is.

    • Are you looking to shift old repeated patterns?

    • To shed your old skin?

    • Are you scared to step into the unknown?

    • Do you think you have more to give yourself and others?