Holy Fire Karuna® Reiki in person or online £30 Summer offer


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All bookings in BST, please check your time zone. Thank you.
Holy Fire Karuna111® Reiki is a relatively new way of working with Reiki.Developed over Lockdown by William L Rand and the International Centre for Reiki.
So, practitioners and clients could stay connected and reduce anxiety and stress .During our session together, we can work on any particular issue you may have.Would you like to experience a feeling of being held in unconditional love?

Experience being held in a safe place to speak freely and receive insight on how to help yourself and receive healing?

Karuna can gently release things you hold onto that no longer serve you.

This may include:
Personal energy retrieval and cord cutting if needed.

Personal issues stored on a cellular and DNA level may gently surface to be released. Without having to relive traumatic experiences.

A 1 2 1 session can help you connect with your Higher Self and experience oneness with all that is.

Eliminates energy blockages so your natural energy system flows freely.

Creates a feeling of peace and connection
My guides and the Karuna guides will lead the way.

While I deliver the human touch.

Our intention is that you receive exactly what you need at this time.

Sometimes, the sacred symbols are used as sound healing chants, which promote a deeply profound healing.
Please let me know if you are sensitive to sound.
Recent review.

‘I cannot say enough good about Jan, she has such a warm, kind and sensitive soul that understands suffering with deep compassion. Even working with Jan online I immediately feel in safe hands and relax. Jan works intuitively after many years of developing and expanding her work with plants and their essences. She also leads wonderful, engrossing healing visualisations, together with teaching and healing with Reiki and leading beautiful Cacao ceremonies. If I could I’d give her 13 out of 10.

I had been feeling disrupted and fragmented. I was also experiencing insomnia. After one Holy Fire Karuna Reiki session with Jan, not only did I sleep through the night for the first time in weeks, but I’ve suddenly wanted to care again about my appearance. Laughter has come more easily, and there’s a deep feeling of ease within me. She was also incredibly accommodating with setting up a good time that worked for me and attentive beyond the session. I feel incredibly lucky to have found Jan!

Titiana A.