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We lead such busy lives, telling ourselves to keep going. It’ll be ok, I’ve got this.
We push our feelings deep down inside ourselves.
Because sometimes they are too hard to face and we believe we can not change them.
We then store them as Truths at a cellular level.
Which in turn brings about Dis-ease, stress and unhappiness and feelings of no control over our lives.
Would you like time and space to start or continue your healing journey?

Release some trauma?

Unravel and get to the “Root” of your issues.

Feel held in unconditional love?

If so, why not consider one of my Sacred Space Soul Lift Sessions

A unique mix of therapies tailored to your needs right now. That will include some of the following.
Holy Fire Karuna Reiki 111®️
Oracle or tarot reading
Simple Breath work

Journeying with my Spirit, Plant and Swan Guides to bring whatever you need at this time.

Voice and sound Healing.

In person bodywork
Intuitive guidance
Dietary and Herbal advice
90 minutes of “you time”
A unique mix of therapies tailored to your needs.
All sessions will include Holy fire Reiki

After care advice and/or suggested actions for you to take with you to help you keep moving in the right direction.

Here’s my review: Jan so strongly holds a gentle and nurturing space for healing. During our session, I felt more relaxed than I have in weeks and could finally breathe deeply again. I’ve been working with swan energy since, and it has been helping me work through some tricky issues that had been feeling very stuck. I’ve also been implementing some grounding techniques suggested by Jan after the healing and they’ve been working so well – I finally feel like I’m starting to understand how it feels to be grounded. Can’t wait to have another session when I need a bit of TLC! Charlotte