Angelica Love and protection. Angelic connections.




    As soon as I sat with them I felt a loving protective energy around us.
    It grows in the borders of my garden and I was shown its protective qualities, anti-witchcraft and Psychic attack shield.
    Now I don’t knowing think I have upset anyone enough for them to Hex me, but you never know 😂
    I truly felt a heavenly presence when I tuned in, like its name sake, an Angelic Ally.
    This bright and beautiful Elixir brings light from the highest source into our hearts and minds.
    Raises our vibrations and offers a spiritual cleanse and blessing.
    It clears negativity and shines a light on our forward path.
    The well know hymn “All things bright and beautiful came into my mind “❤️ whilst making this light Essence.
    Each bottle is charged and empowered with Usui Holy Fire Reiki to max up its power.
    I was shown that this Elixir is particularly useful and uplifting when added to Aura sprays and Baths too.
    10ml in alcohol or glycerine base.
    £20 including UK first class post
    £33 US and Canada
    30ml alcohol or glycerine
    £35 free UK post
    £47 US and Canada.
    Europe please ask for postage.
    Each Essence comes with full instructions in it’s own muslin bag.
    Combined postage available.