Dandelion: Self-esteem ,confidence, Joy, courage. Detoxifying.



    The beautiful little sunny faced plant is a joy to work with.
    This essence helps to clear stagnant energy in our systems.
    It can gently assist us to release trauma stored in our solar plexus, creating a feeling of being comforted and supported.
    They lift our self-esteem and confidence and help to keep us grounded.

    The dandelion brings resilience, strength, helps us to stand our ground and be ourselves without apologies.
    Be beautiful as you are. Keep growing and glowing.

    The yellow flower heads are like the sun, bringing happiness and joy.

    The seed head clock is like a beautiful full moon. Femine, graceful. Full of potential.
    The seeds like the stars, as the travel through the air.
    What’s not to like about Dandelion ?