Alice in Wonderland Mini Readings £20 online or email.


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Mini Readings

Who fancies a journey down the rabbit hole or through the looking glass?
30 mins £15
Zoom, Whatsapp, email.
🐰Down the Rabbit hole.🐰 8 card reading
The Descent
As you follow the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole, we chase your dreams.
Discover who you are during your fall.
Learn what you need to let go of and realise your inner magic.
The Ascent
Who are you emerging as, in your brave new world?
What and where are your challenges.
What are the benefits of this adventure?
How you have changed and what gifts you have to offer yourself and your own little Wonderland.
🪞Through the looking glass🪞 5 Cards
A new perspective on what is hidden or what we are hiding from.
Hidden emotions, your drivers or motivation, thoughts, physical needs snd spiritual desires.
The looking glass reveals all.
Assisting you to look at where you are right now and reveal where in your life and within you need attention.
My readings are here to help you take an honest look at where you are right now.
I do not predict the future, I help you build one.

A few reviews from my wonderful customers.

I had a positive card reading from Jan, I highly recommended Jan everything was spot on and precise. The cards were beautiful and stated/invited me to take positive steps forward  , Jan’s intuition is awesome 👍 thankyou so much for your knowledge 🙏❤️


I had a wonderful card reading from Jan. Jan is a beautiful loving lady and the reading gave my guidance and direction. Jan put me at my ease right from the start. I would definitely recommend.


Jan Muse you are a beautiful human and very grateful for your friendship ❤️Also had an amazing card reading from Jan and it was just so beautiful and right for me xx

Mharie D

Oracle party

Jan came to my home, and made us feel totally at ease straight away. She gave us some words of reassurance, settling us all into the evening, before we got on with the night.   I hosted the night for 6 girls in total, and we all agreed that we would definitely do it again and will be booking Jan again in the future.   Some girls were slightly nervous about what Jans card may have to say but after the girls came down, they all seemed at ease and very satisfied with their individual readings.   MW