Holy Fire®️ Karuna Reiki Healing Circle Full moon Monday 22nd July Time to Pause




Are you ready for some self-care, rest, and relaxation?
Our monthly healing circle is a beautiful way to infuse your self-careroutine with love and healing energy.
It is a powerful method to help you connect deeply to yourself and all that is, promotes relaxation, and open your heart even further.
This can truly enhance your sense of well-being.
All you need to do is make yourself a comfortable space, where you will not be disturbed.
What to expect
A group Oracle card
A chance to pause
A space to release what is no longer serving you
A part guided meditation and healing journey with Karuna.
And whatever the Guides bring through for us.
On booking, you will receive an email with a Zoom link.
Brightest Blessings