Cacao Ceremony Baslow Church Rooms Wednesday 20th March 7pm-9.15pm




An invitation to join me for our Women’s cacao ceremony to release the old and invite the new.
We live in a busy world where our needs as women are often placed at the bottom of our to-do list.

My Cacao Ceremonys offer a space to breathe, relax and restore.

What to expect:
A ceremonial dose cup of delicious nurturing Cacao.
A chance to gather with other women and take time for yourself.
Connect with your inner spark of inspiration to help you achieve your goals.
You will be invited to work with journal prompts to help inspire you to look deeper at your own needs.
We will take a look at setting boundaries and where we can call back our personal power.
We live in a busy world where our needs as women are often placed at the bottom of our to-do list.
Cacao is a beautiful plant medicine that has been used for thousands of years in Sacred Ceremony.

Raw Cacao has many benefits it is high in anti-oxidants, contains essential minerals and vitamins, enhances mood and is full of healthy fats.

When used in ceremony with intention and the correct dose Cacao can be a gentle loving way to help you to travel deep within yourself. It helps ground you deep into Mother Earth’s loving embrace and opens the heart to love. Allowing deeper connection with yourself and others

Online has exceeded my expectations and works equally as well as in person.

I like to keep my Ceremonies small, so we all get to share our journeys and support each other afterwards.


please let me know before booking if you are

Pregnant or breastfeeding.

Taking MAOI anti-depressants, anti-depressants.

Taking SSRI’s, anti-psychotics.

Serious heart conditions.

Issues with blood pressure.

Taking morphine.


Highly sensitive to caffeine.

Allergic to any food stuffs – if you are planning to add any other ingredients they must let you know if they have any allergies.

I do not share ceremonial cacao to pregnant women or people on morphine.